Ejercicios: Passive Voice III (Voz Pasiva)

Aquí tienes más frases en Voz Activa para que continúes ejercitando sobre Voz Pasiva:

    1. He was buying a new mobile phone.
    1. The teacher does not explain the lesson.
    1. Ron and me ordered a new computer.
    1. Peter’s sister is taking care the baby.
    1. We were planning our holidays.
    1. We will taste mexican food tonight.
    1. My mother is going to water the garden.
    1. Mr. Thompson has bought the newspaper this morning.
    1. I had sold my old car to my boss.
  1. My mother is preparing a delicious dessert.

    1. We had eaten a delicious pizza in Italy.
    1. My son tells me the truth.
    1. He dropped the eggs on my doorstep.
    1. She is finding her trip very exciting.
    1. Jane is going to fix the fence.
    1. Pam’s boyfriend will deliver the roses tomorrow.
    1. The workers are going to build a new wall.
    1. She has received three e-mails this afternoon.
    1. The maid had broken the mirror.
  1. The gardener cuts the grass every weeks.