Ejercicios: Active Voice to Passive Voice IV (Voz Activa a Voz Pasiva)

¿Has comprendido el uso de la Voz Pasiva dentro del idioma inglés?… Comprueba tus conocimientos convirtiendo las siguientes frases pasivas en oraciones activas. Recuerda que debes realizar el procedimiento inverso.

  1. My luggage was stolen by somebody.
  2. A beautiful song was sung last night by Peter.
  3. A lovely sweater is being knit by Sue’s grandmother.
  4. More information for her essay is needed by Monique.
  5. Money was saved for years by me.
  6. A party was organized last night by us.
  7. A wheel was being changed by Alan.
  8. The phone is always answered by the receptionist.
  9. The bridge was built in 1972 by the workers.
  10. A beautiful picture is hung above the fireplace by me.

  1. A hamburger is going to be had for lunch by Jim.
  2. The thieves will be arrested by the police.
  3. Several kinds of boxes are collected by my mother.
  4. A nice carpet in the office is set by the workers.
  5. The clothes were being ironed by my sister.
  6. Some books will be taken to his house by Fred.
  7. The lesson is going to be read by Grace.
  8. The price was not known by the salesman.
  9. An expensive fur coat was being worn by the actress.
  10. Their jobs are changed every year by people.