Exercises: Voz Pasiva con dos Objetos IV – (Passive Voice with two Objects)

Continuamos ofreciéndote ejercicios sobre oraciones pasivas con dos objetos para que afiances tus conocimientos. En este caso debes reescribir las siguientes oraciones en sus dos maneras posibles:

    1. The policeman did not allow us to enter the museum at night.
    1. The old lady told us an incredible story.
    1. A beggar asked me for a meal and a glass of water.
    1. Charles always lends me his books.
    1. We will forbide John to go to the party with Mike.
    1. Sally is offering you an interesting job.
    1. The doctors gave the children artificial respiration.
  1. I have offered my brother a large sum of money.

    1. The hotel manager brought us the keys.
    1. Susan and Mary did not tell me that Frank was ill.
    1. The doctor would allow Mr Wilkins to go home.
    1. My father showed my cousin how to use the computer.
    1. The new delivery boy has brought me the big parcel.
    1. The optician is showing my grandmother the glasses.
    1. My mother should tell my brother never to do that again.
  1. Mrs Alison gave the baby-sitter some last minute instructions.