Exercises: Voz Pasiva Impersonal IV – (Impersonal Passive Voice)

¿No has conseguido comprender totalmente la forma correcta de escribir frases en voz pasiva impersonal?… Puedes seguir ejercitando con las siguientes oraciones:

    1. Biologists think that the Yeti lives in Mount Everest.
    1. Some people claims that the salaries must be raised.
    1. The secretary says that the meeting is cancelled.
    1. We noticed that a strange object was flying around our home.
    1. My brother considers that painting is a job.
    1. Most people believed that the police would find the guilty.
    1. I think that Mr. Reeds is responsible for his acts.
  1. Experts think that the TV show was planned.

    1. Our ancestors considered that the Sun was the essential source of energy.
    1. The judge proved that the statements he had made were false.
    1. Many women say that yoga is a healthy way to get in shape.
    1. The authorities think that the strike is inevitable.
    1. His parents presume that Mike’s classmates hit him.
    1. The soldiers have said that the war is over.
    1. The scientists consider that the tests must be made in Italy.
  1. My grandmother thought that I went to school yesterday.