Exercises: Voz Pasiva Impersonal V – (Impersonal Passive Voice)

Una vez más te ofrecemos un nuevo ejercicio sobre la voz pasiva impersonal. Intenta reescribir estas oraciones correctamente aplicando las reglas correspondientes:

    1. They claim that this diamond is the largest in the World.
    1. The patients consider that she is an excellent dentist.
    1. Journalists reported that many people had been injured in the earthquake.
    1. Military authorities believed that the explosion had been caused by a mine.
    1. Citizens think that the monument is over 1.000 years old.
    1. Researchers said that the reports were ready.
    1. The lady thought that she had stolen the money.
  1. Some guys said that the boss is an incredible man.

    1. My friend noticed that he missed his wallet.
    1. The witnesses believed that a dog saved the baby.
    1. People noticed that the players did not stand the heat.
    1. The pupils had believed that the teacher knew all the exercises.
    1. Everyone thought that the Minister had answered wrongly.
    1. Students deduced that the solution was impossible.
    1. The headmaster announced that the children will not go to the museum the next week.
  1. Susan has said that she has always wanted to be a dentist.