Exercises: Voz Pasiva Impersonal III – (Impersonal Passive Voice)

Si todavía tienes algunas dudas sobre la manera correcta de construir una oración en voz pasiva impersonal, puedes seguir ejercitando con las siguientes frases activas:

    1. My whole family thinks that ghosts exist.
    1. People think that money is the most important thing in life.
    1. Specialists say that the business was not good.
    1. Children said that the rock star had only sung three songs.
    1. Astronauts confirm that the rocket was broken.
    1. Some people believe that the prisoner has had second chances.
    1. My boss expects that the job will be done soon.
  1. The witness admitted that the crime had happened in front of him.

    1. A lot of children think that Santa Claus is real.
    1. The bodyguards assume that the fight was a trap.
    1. The police proved that the thieves stole the money.
    1. Politicians believe that the global warming is dangerous.
    1. The company reported that the new models will be totally made in Madrid.
    1. The NASA confirms that the space shuttle fell into the Pacific Ocean.
    1. The country expects that the workers finish the stadium before the World Cup.
  1. They assume that the security system failed.