Exercises: Voz Pasiva con dos Objetos V – (Passive Voice with two Objects)

En esta ocasión te proponemos que continúes ejercitando sobre oraciones pasivas con dos objetos. Aquí debes reescribir las siguientes oraciones en sus dos maneras posibles:

  1. My wife asked me to buy cereal.
  2. The salesman will send you the goods as soon as they are available.
  3. I had lent my uncle some money a few months ago.
  4. Sophie asked me to join a computer club.
  5. I’m going to tell my sister about the problem.
  6. The teacher explains the students the grammar.
  7. My friends denied Sally access to the private room.
  8. My grandparents left me a moral legacy.

  1. Christine promised her husband to wear a helmet.
  2. The waiter brought you a cold soup.
  3. The director did not allow us to use our books during a test.
  4. The driver gave me his phone number.
  5. Charles had taught the class the whole lesson.
  6. The ticket salesman offered us two games for free.
  7. They taught us about Nelson Mandela.
  8. The secretary has given me her email adress.