Solución del ejercicio sobre Voz Pasiva con dos Objetos IV

Si ya has realizado este ejercicio sobre oraciones pasivas con dos objetos, puedes verificar tus respuestas con la siguiente solución:

    1. To enter the museum at night was not allowed to us.
      We were not allowed to enter the museum at night.
    1. An incredible story was told to us.
      We were told an incredible story.
    1. A meal and a glass of water were asked to me.
      I was asked for a meal and a glass of water.
    1. Books are always lent to me.
      I am always lent books.
    1. To go to the party with Mike will be forbidden to John.
      John will be forbidden to go to the party with Mike.
    1. An interesting job is being offered to you.
      You are being offered an interesting job.
    1. Artificial respiration was given to the children.
      The children were given artificial respiration.
  1. A large sum of money has been offered to my brother.
    My brother has been offered a large sum of money.

    1. The keys were brought to us.
      We were brought the keys.
    1. That Frank was ill was not told to me.
      I was not told that Frank was ill.
    1. To go home would be allowed to Mr Wilkins.
      Mr Wilkins would be allowed to go home.
    1. How to use the computer was showed to my cousin.
      My cousin was showed how to use the computer.
    1. The big parcel has been brought to me.
      I have been brought the big parcel.
    1. The glasses is being showed to my grandmother.
      My grandmother is being showed the glasses.
    1. Never to do that again should be told to my brother.
      My brother should be told never to do that again.
  1. Some last minute instructions were given to the baby-sitter.
    The baby-sitter was given some last minute instructions.