Solución del ejercicio de Voz Pasiva II

Verifica con la siguiente solución que hayas realizado correctamente este ejercicio sobre Voz Pasiva:

    1. The new songs were sung by Britney Spears.
    1. The speech was being listened carefully by the ladies.
    1. A good salary is got by my father.
    1. One of his books was lent to me by the boss.
    1. The bill was not paid by him.
    1. A new car is going to be bought by my neighbour.
    1. My umbrella had been lost by me when it began to rain.
    1. The pencils were being looked for by Alice.
    1. A picture will be hung on the wall by me.
  1. Your letters have not been answered by Susan.

    1. An expensive picture was broken by Amy Winehouse at the hotel.
    1. The yoghurt was kept in the refrigerator by Tom’s mother.
    1. The best garden in town is had by Mrs. Thompson.
    1. The parcel will be sent inmediately by us.
    1. A bottle of beer was brought by the waiter.
    1. A bag full of money was being carried by the truck.
    1. The text had been read in class by the students.
    1. The dinner were being enjoyed at the restaurant by us.
    1. The invitation for my birthday party has been accepted by Sally.
  1. The question was repeated several times by him.