Ejercicios: Passive Voice II (Voz Pasiva)

Mira las siguientes frases. Se encuentran en Voz Activa. Te proponemos que sigas ejercitando pasándolas a Voz Pasiva:

    1. Britney Spears sang her new songs.
    1. The ladies were listening the speech carefully.
    1. My father gets a good salary.
    1. The boss lent me one of his books.
    1. He did not pay the bill.
    1. My neighbour is going to buy a new car.
    1. I had lost my umbrella when it began to rain.
    1. Alice was looking for her pencils.
    1. I will hang a picture on the wall.
  1. Susan has not answered your letters.

    1. Amy Winehouse broke an expensive picture at the hotel.
    1. Tom’s mother keep the yoghurt in the refrigerator.
    1. Mrs. Thompson has the best garden in town.
    1. We will send the parcel inmediately.
    1. The waiter brought a bottle of beer.
    1. The truck was carrying a bag full of money.
    1. The students had read the text in class.
    1. We were enjoying our dinner at the restaurant.
    1. Sally has accepted the invitation for my birthday party.
  1. He repeated the question several times.