Solución del ejercicio de Reported Speech V

He aquí la forma correcta de pasar a Reported Speech las oraciones interrogativas del ejercicio que te ofrecimos anteriormente:

    1. My husband asked me what the dentist had told me to do.
    1. My friend asked me if I had taken photographs during my trip.
    1. Alice’s brother asked what the bags contained.
    1. My wife asked me if I would visit my mother.
    1. Brian’s father asked him impatiently where he had been hiding.
    1. The pupils asked when the results would be announced.
    1. My friend asked me if he had given me the money at once.
    1. Susan’s mother asked me where Mrs. Hawkins had opened her third bakery.
    1. I asked Peter where his father was at that moment.
  1. The teacher asked Tom what he would do the following year.

    1. My grandfather asked my brother who had damaged the piano.
    1. The journalist asked the leader when the workers would go on strike.
    1. The neighbour asked my mother where she had gone on Christmas’ Eve.
    1. Mr. James asked the secretary what the lady’s name was.
    1. The taxidriver asked me how far away my house was.
    1. The teacher asked the pupils if they had finished the exercises.
    1. The coach asked me how many miles I had walked the day before.
    1. Peter asked John what the secretary had asked him.
    1. Jenifer asked Susan why she had said that she was busy.
  1. The lady asked the stewardess where the plane from Paris had arrived.