Solución del ejercicio de Reported Speech III

Después de haber realizado este ejercicio échale un vistazo a las siguientes frases afirmativas ya pasadas a Reported Speech:


    1. I exclaimed that I could not drink that coffee.
    1. My mother told me that I would miss the train.
    1. My boss told me that he had forgotten her name.
    1. The lady said that he needed a new coat.
    1. Tommy’s mother told me that he was not at home at that moment.
    1. The man explained that they would spend their holidays abroad that year.
    1. The doctor told us that the operation had been successful.
    1. My neighbours said that they had bought the tickets a long time ago.
    1. My friend suggested that he liked to stay at home during the weekend.
  1. The voice said that the bus would arrive in a few minutes.

    1. My husband told me that he had ordered some soup for me.
    1. I explained that I did not want to disturb him.
    1. The manager told me that he had not liked my work.
    1. I said that it was raining heavily.
    1. I thought that he was not realizing that he was making a big mistake.
    1. My son said that he had just finished his homework.
    1. The newspaper said that the workers were on strike again.
    1. My father shouted that someone was knocking the door.
    1. My friend’s mother answered that she was going to take a rest in that moment.
  1. Larice said that John had done her a big favour.