Ejercicios: Reported Speech (Lenguaje Indirecto)

Comienza a practicar lo aprendido sobre Reported Speech pasando las siguientes oraciones afirmativas a Lenguaje Indirecto:

    1. «The gardener cut the grass yesterday», my mother said.
    1. «I did not understand the lesson», my sister said.
    1. «We will travel to New York the next year», my father said.
    1. «I will not go to work tomorrow», I told my wife.
    1. «Peter is going to write a letter», the secretary said.
    1. «It is very expensive», the lady said.
    1. «He is such an irritable person», the teacher told me.
    1. «I am working now!», my father said.
    1. «We are finishing our homework», the pupils answered.
  1. «They are studying maths», the teacher explained.

    1. «I am reading a book», I told my sister.
    1. «My father loved the farm», my neighbour said.
    1. «I have felt very nervous», I said.
    1. «We knew him in Australia», my husband and my son said.
    1. «I never work on Sundays», I told my boss.
    1. «He was very ill», the doctor explained.
    1. «I am going to sign a contract», the secretary said.
    1. «Mr. Thompson will see you tomorrow morning», the receptionist said.
    1. «I enjoyed the trip but I didn´t take photos», my friend told me.
  1. «I have lost all my money!», the old lady exclaimed.