Ejercicios: Reported Speech VI (Lenguaje Indirecto)

Continúa ejercitando con las siguientes oraciones interrogativas que deberás pasar a Reported Speech:

    1. «Did I leave my glasses here?», my grandmother asked my brother.
    1. «How long have you been in London?», the lady asked.
    1. «Did you enjoy the concert?, my friend asked me.
    1. «What did the doctor say about Peter?», my father asked.
    1. «Can you give me your telephone number?», the receptionist asked me.
    1. «Have you read your horoscope for this week?, my wife asked me.
    1. «Did the thieves run away?», the policeman asked the salesman.
    1. «What are you reading?», I asked Frank.
    1. «Do you really like jazz?», Susan asked John.
  1. «Where do you prefer to go?», my boyfriend asked me.

    1. «Can I practice the violin here?», John’s grandfather asked him.
    1. «Do you have any problem?», Brian’s sister asked him.
    1. «What are your plans for the future?», my mother asked me.
    1. «Did you finish high school?», the boss asked my sister.
    1. «Why don’t you talk to him about the problem?», my friend asked me.
    1. «What are you going to do this summer?», Caroline asked me.
    1. «When can I take off my seat belt?», the passenger asked the stewardess.
    1. «What do you want for dinner tonight», my mother asked my father.
    1. «Is there a cafeteria in this building?», I asked the secretary.
  1. «Do you have change for a dollar?», the taxidriver asked me.