Review Exercise: Reported Speech VIII (Lenguaje Indirecto)

Si has comprendido bien el uso de reported speech o lenguaje indirecto, entonces seguramente estarás en condiciones de realizar el ejercicio que aquí te proponemos:

    1. “Did you want to be an engineer, Billy?”, my friend asked me.
    1. Tony said: “I found a new job near the school”.
    1. The coach asked: “Did the other team win the match?”
    1. The dentist asked us: “Can you give me the new tools?”
    1. “I have sent you a lot of letters”, Peter told me.
    1. “Timmy has fixed the breakfast?”, Jane asked.
    1. “Where have you been after class?”, my brother inquired.
  1. “Have you given him his money back?”, Susan wanted to know.

    1. “What kind of flowers do you want to give her?», Mike asked.
    1. “The new economic measures are very risky”, the President affirmed.
    1. “Do we have to study the new topic for the test?”, the students inquired.
    1. My roommate asked: “When is the job interview?”
    1. “Don’t be late again”, my boss ordered.
    1. “The party is going to be in the club”, my friend announced.
    1. “Who is that old man?”, the president asked.
  1. The trainer asked me: “Did you try to do the exercise without help?”