Ejercicios: Reported Speech V (Lenguaje Indirecto)

Aquí tienes más oraciones interrogativas para pasar a Reported Speech. Te recomendamos que verifiques el buen empleo de los tiempos verbales.

    1. «What did the dentist tell you to do?», my husband asked me.
    1. «Did you take photographs during your trip?», my friend asked me.
    1. «What do the bags contain?», Alice’s brother asked.
    1. «Will you visit your mother?», my wife asked me.
    1. «Where have you been hiding?», Brian’s father asked him impatiently.
    1. «When will the results be announced?», the pupils asked.
    1. «Did he give you the money at once?», my friend asked me.
    1. «Where has Mrs. Hawkins opened her third bakery?», Susan’s mother asked me.
    1. «Where is your father now?», I asked Peter.
  1. «What will you do next year?», the teacher asked Tom.

    1. «Who damaged the piano?», my grandfather asked my brother.
    1. «When will the workers go on strike?», the journalist asked the leader.
    1. «Where did you go on Christmas’ Eve?», the neighbour asked my mother.
    1. «What is the lady’s name?», Mr. James asked the secretary.
    1. «How far away is your house?», the taxidriver asked me.
    1. «Have you finished the exercises?», the teacher asked the pupils.
    1. «How many miles did you walk yesterday?», the coach asked me.
    1. «What did the secretary asked you?», Peter asked John.
    1. «Why did you say that you was busy?», Jenifer asked Susan.
  1. «Where did the plane from Paris arrive?», the lady asked the stewardess.