Ejercicios: Passive Voice IV (Voz Pasiva)

¿Has aprendido la Voz Pasiva?… Pues entonces te proponemos que pases las siguientes frases activas:

    1. Sarah took a beautiful picture of the Empire State Building.
    1. Sheyla has an excellent job at a bank.
    1. The secretary did not bring the papers.
    1. John is setting a new carpet in the office.
    1. My grandfather was milking the cows at the farm.
    1. I will take a taxi after the meeting.
    1. We are going to see the movie.
    1. Susan has lost her glasses.
    1. He had begun his studies in Boston.
  1. The dog has bitten our neighbour.

    1. We will visit the Louvre Museum in Paris.
    1. My neighbour lends me the ladder.
    1. Sally and Tom paid the bills.
    1. My friends are enjoying the party.
    1. They were feeding the puppies.
    1. Anne’s daughter will have a baby.
    1. Michael is going to plant a new tree in the park.
    1. We have saved enough money to buy a new flat.
    1. Tommy had already done his homework.
  1. My friend was thanking his birthday’s present.