Solución del ejercicio sobre Voz Activa – Voz Pasiva

Si ya has realizado el siguiente ejercicio sobre Voz Pasiva comprueba que lo haya realizado correctamente con la solución que aquí te ofrecemos:

    1. Howard Carter discovered Tutankamon’s tomb.
    1. We spent all the money in the market.
    1. I lend Paul my house in the weekend.
    1. Children were finding some subjects boring.
    1. My parents could not feel the sensation.
    1. The smart woman bought modern hats.
    1. Mary had bought a box of chocolates for my birthday.
    1. Sally has promised me a big surprise.
    1. Brighton and Pam share the information.
  1. I accidentally damaged a parked car.

    1. Michael and Margaret give me a new pair of sunglasses.
    1. William is going to fix the fence.
    1. My parents-in-law have rented a new apartment in Paris.
    1. I have told your mother the truth.
    1. My boyfriend has given me a good advice.
    1. My secretary will ask your address and phone number.
    1. I lost my wallet this morning.
    1. The maid cleaned the bedrooms.
    1. The butler ordered a dozen of white roses for the guest.
  1. The boss has offered a new job to my father.