Solución del ejercicio de Voz Pasiva III

Verifica con la siguiente solución que hayas realizado correctamente este ejercicio sobre Voz Pasiva:

  1. A new mobile phone was being bought by him.
  2. The lesson is not explained by the teacher.
  3. A new computer was ordered by Ron and me.
  4. The baby is being taken care by Peter’s sister.
  5. Our holidays were being planed by us.
  6. Mexican food will be tasted tonight by us.
  7. The garden is going to be watered by my mother.
  8. The newspaper has been bought this morning by Mr. Thompson.
  9. My old car had been sold to my boss by me.
  10. A delicious dessert is being prepared by my mother.

  1. A delicious pizza had been eaten in Italy by us.
  2. The truth is told to me by my son.
  3. The eggs were dropped on my doorstep by him.
  4. The trip is being found very exciting by her.
  5. The fence is going to be fixed by Jane.
  6. The roses will be delivered tomorrow by Pam’s boyfriend.
  7. A new wall is going to be built by the workers.
  8. Three e-mails has been received this afternoon by her.
  9. The mirror had been broken by the maid.
  10. The grass is cut every weeks by the gardener.