Solución del ejercicio de Reported Speech IV

Tras haber ejercitado sobre Reported Speech en oraciones afirmativas seguramente ya has comenzado con el siguiente ejercicio de frases interrogativas. Aquí te ofrecemos la manera correcta de pasarlas Lenguaje Indirecto:

  1. My father asked my brother if there was any petrol in the tank.
  2. My boss asked me what time I had got to the office.
  3. The receptionist asked me if I could see that notice.
  4. The teacher asked us what we were doing there.
  5. My husband asked what was for dinner.
  6. The secretary asked if the boss was angry.
  7. The policeman asked who had a gun.
  8. Miss Thompson asked who was speaking.
  9. My sister asked my mother if the dog had eaten the coockies.
  10. My friend asked if I had enjoyed the film the night before.

  1. Alice asked Margaret where she had got those socks.
  2. John asked if Frank wanted to go to the cinema.
  3. The neighbour asked if I would buy a new car.
  4. The stewardess asked if I had been on an aeroplane before.
  5. My grandmother asked me what I had done the day before.
  6. The journalist asked if the police had found the lost van.
  7. My friend asked me if my mother had believed me.
  8. Tom’s mother asked him why he had not gone to school the week before.
  9. I asked John if he had been on holiday.
  10. Mr. Hopkins asked what the name of the village was.