Solución del ejercicio de revisión: Tiempos Verbales III

¿Has completado la siguiente carta colocando los verbos que se encuentran entre paréntesis en el tiempo verbal que corresponde?… Verifica si lo has realizado correctamente con las siguientes respuestas:

Dear John:

Well, I arrived safely two weeks ago. The flight was fine,

but a bit long. I have watched two films and eaten two


Thank you for everything. I had a really good time with

you in London. Everything here is very different from

your city. I am writing this letter outside in the garden

and I am sitting under a big umbrella because the sun is

very hot today.

It was difficult for me to start work after my holiday, but

it is ok now. I have just sent you some photos of my


Please reply me soon, and thank you again for the

wonderful time. Best wishes! Peter