Solución del ejercicio sobre Preposiciones de Lugar (AT – IN – ON)

¿Completaste estas oraciones con sus correspondientes preposiciones de lugar?… Te sugerimos que verifiques tus respuestas con la siguiente solución:

    1. You can taste delicious desserts at the hotel.
    1. A couple of dogs were playing in the streets among the cars.
    1. When you finish, put the papers on my desk.
    1. Peter stayed at home tonight.
    1. Sam stood at the bedroom door during the whole night.
    1. Scientists discovered a big red spot in the Moon.
    1. You can find the key in the drawer.
    1. A lot of plant species live in the ocean.
    1. Place the new carpet on the office floor.
  1. I will meet John at the bus station.

    1. Jane is swimming in her new pool.
    1. My parents are having a party at the new restaurant.
    1. Susan put her watch in her pocket but it was broken.
    1. First, choose the ingredients and put them on the table.
    1. When I entered the room I saw Sarah liying on the ground.
    1. Your father is waiting for you at the hotel.
    1. The kids poured milk on the carpet.
    1. Tom is playing in the garden.
    1. The camera was kept in the case.
  1. It is possible to find the products at the local market.