Solución del ejercicio sobre Adverbios de Lugar II

Hoy te entregamos la solución del ejercicio sobre Adverbs (Adverbios) en el cual debías reordenar las oraciones con adverbios de lugar en su posición correcta:


    1. My father enjoyed a bullfight in Spain the last year.
    1. I met my mother outside the shop.
    1. My brother has spent five years in the bank.
    1. A new DJ is playing in the club tonight.
    1. The artists showed their paintings at the museum.
    1. Jennifer and Michael will get married at St.Paul’s Cathedral.
    1. The gardener is watering the plants in the park.
  1. Peter and Larice travelled to Jamaica in their honeymoon.

    1. The helicopter arrived at the airport yesterday.
    1. The missing children was found at the railway station by the police.
    1. I stayed at the Royal Hotel when I visited London.
    1. The workmen were sticking ugly bands of gold tape on the glass doors.
    1. I have to pick up the letters in the post office.
    1. Sam must see a dentist in the town.
    1. Yesterday some scientists had a terrible accident in the laboratory.
  1. I have put new curtains in my room.