Solución del ejercicio sobre Adverbios de Modo I

Para que puedas comprobar si has realizado este ejercicio sobre Adverbs (Adverbios) en la forma correcta aquí te ofrecemos la solución. Recuerda que debías reordenar las frases colocando los adverbios de modo en su posición correspondiente:

    1. You must clean the floor carefully.
    1. The new secretary works very slowly.
    1. The student has been studying hard for the test.
    1. When he knew the news he smiled happily.
    1. My brother can do these exercises easily.
    1. I made this cake specially for you.
    1. She played the piano beautifully in the school play.
  1. The children were waiting impatienly for the dentist.

    1. The teacher explained the lesson angrily.
    1. Peter solved that difficult problem quickly.
    1. Susan turned wrongly in the previous street.
    1. The policeman behaved in a cowarly way.
    1. My little sister sleeps badly when it rains.
    1. The team is playing enthusiastically.
    1. My husband is reading a book silently in his bedroom.
  1. The train left the station hurriedly.