Solución del ejercicio sobre Adverbios de Frecuencia I

Si ya has realizado este ejercicio sobre los adverbios de frecuencia, verifica que lo hayas hecho correctamente ubicando las palabras en su posición correcta:

    1. The students often use the dictionary.
    1. Paul sometimes helps me with my homework.
    1. Jonathan usually visit the dentist.
    1. I often fish for hours without catching anything.
    1. The police always try to keep order.
    1. Jennifer usually goes out to see a concert.
    1. Sally often borrows money from her friends.
  1. My neighbour always spoils my holidays.

    1. Tom had never lived in Sidney before.
    1. Our English teacher is usually angry.
    1. I never drink alcohol if I drive a car.
    1. My cousin Billy has never read Don Quijote.
    1. I hardly ever watch T.V. in the evenings.
    1. The boy occasionally washes his hands before meals.
    1. My sister has never been abroad before.
  1. We frequently use public transport.