Solución del ejercicio sobre Adverbios de Modo II

Verifica con la solución que hoy te ofrecemos, que hayas reordenado las oraciones colocando el adverbio de modo en su posición correspondiente:

    1. In my new job office I can work freely.
    1. The prisioner was wrongly accused.
    1. John is highly qualified for that kind of job.
    1. The nurse spoke friendly to the patient.
    1. The window is badly painted.
    1. Tommy is studying quietly in the living room.
    1. It is snowing heavily up in the mountain.
  1. My nephew doesn’t speak very clearly.

    1. The fireman made her decision suddenly.
    1. Mark was waiting for his girlfriend impatienly.
    1. My boss called me and went directly to the point.
    1. My aunt behaved in a motherly way when I was sick.
    1. The new manager spoke shyly to the staff.
    1. My father is deeply concerned about the new economic measures.
    1. Sheila found that her friend is trully in love with her.
  1. This bunch of flowers was specially chosen for you.