Exercises: Caso Posesivo o Genitivo II

Si todavía no has comprendido el Caso Genitivo y su uso te proponemos que hagas un nuevo ejercicio donde podrás aplicar lo aprendido. Para ello debes reescribir las siguientes oraciones estableciendo correctamente la forma posesiva de los sustantivos:

    1. He broke the glasses of Michael at school.
    1. The keys of Jennifer are in my bag.
    1. There are a lot of games in the park of Peter.
    1. My cousing left the book of Paul at the library.
    1. I didn’t buy the books of Sam.
    1. The poem of Carl is really interesting.
    1. Peter borrowed the computer of Robert.
  1. We must bring the medicine of Louis.

    1. The shells of the tortoises are very resistant.
    1. The bike of Bob cost a lot of money.
    1. The president of the bank is out of the town.
    1. The coat of the lady is lying on the floor.
    1. The door of the shop was opened.
    1. She forgot the name of the movie.
    1. The bedroom of Susan is a mess.
  1. The soccer team of Brazil won the match last Sunday.