Solución del ejercicio sobre Caso Posesivo o Genitivo III

Verifica que hayas realizado correctamente este ejercicio sobre el Caso Genitivo y su uso con la siguiente solución que hoy te ofrecemos: 

    1. Michael plays Mozart’s music very well.
    1. I can’t remember Peter’s friend.
    1. I have forgotten my wallet in my office’s desk.
    1. The lady’s bag was found in the river.
    1. Martin and Sarah’s sister came back from Europe last week.
    1. I have been studying the Cambridge University’s history.
    1. Last Friday we celebrated George’s birthday.
  1. We often travel to work in a friend’s car.

    1. Mrs. Jones’s bracelet was stolen yesterday.
    1. My uncle’s house is ten miles far from downtown.
    1. I need to go to David and Sally’s house.
    1. The victim’s arguments are very interesting.
    1. Sam has borrowed Paul’s pencil.
    1. Government’s decision was not wrong.
    1. The student’s idea was very clever.
  1. The player’s abilities were really helpful.