Solución del ejercicio sobre Caso Posesivo o Genitivo IV

Si ya realizaste este ejercicio sobre el Caso Genitivo y su uso puedes verificar que lo hayas hecho correctamente con la siguiente solución:

    1. Morgan and Clarice’s wedding will take place tomorrow.
    1. The boy’s attitude was impolite.
    1. My mother’s savings disappeared last night.
    1. My father’s moral is very strong.
    1. The workers celebrated the company’s success.
    1. Jerry’s girlfriend is very good at sports.
    1. The policeman’s gun is very old.
  1. Margaret’s dress was astonishing.

    1. Timmy’s camera was broken during the trip.
    1. She is always telling sailor’s stories.
    1. Sue’s flowers are the most beautiful of the block.
    1. Virginia’s job is extremely exhausting.
    1. Dave’s sons moved to the city.
    1. Mrs. Reed’s specialty is to make cakes.
    1. The President’s new rules are strict.
  1. Amy bought the Robert’s pet in the park.