Solución del ejercicio sobre Preposiciones de Lugar (AT – IN – ON) (2)

Si ya has ejercitado sobre preposiciones de lugar verifica que lo hayas hecho de manera correcta:

    1. She is practising yoga in the beach.
    1. Michael wrote a poem at school last class.
    1. We usually go out in London at night.
    1. She arrived at her mother’s house in the morning.
    1. It has been raining in our city for the last three days.
    1. I met Carol at the port.
    1. Hundreds of thieves are caught in jail in Britain.
    1. Newspapers are only delivered weekly in remote areas.
    1. The Hotel Miramar is located on top of the cliffs.
  1. The house is situated in a good area.

    1. Alice is watering the plants in the garden.
    1. We enjoy our holiday in Finland.
    1. George spent ten hours at the entrance.
    1. She was embarrased because she arrived late at the party.
    1. Sue forgot her bag on the plane.
    1. He found his cases in the street.
    1. You must leave the project at the office.
    1. My father spent the whole night at the hospital.
    1. Sofia lives at the outskirts.
  1. As my brother arrived at his job very late, he was fired.