Solución del ejercicio sobre Preposiciones de Movimiento (AT – IN – FROM – TO – INTO) (2)

¿Ya has completado estas oraciones con sus correspondientes preposiciones de movimiento? Controla que lo hayas hecho correctamente con la siguiente solución y si quieres realizar más ejercicios puedes clickear aquí

    1. The postman came at the post office.
    1. The plane from Brazil is delayed due to the weather.
    1. When the students arrived to the museum they were not very excited.
    1. The patients were transfered to another hospital.
    1. The money was found into the cashier’s purse.
    1. A bus crashed with a tree in the park.
    1. I took a ride in a small car.
    1. The taxi driver took the car into the garage.
    1. She usually swims in the lake.
  1. The thieves escape from their own car.

    1. We usually go to the beach in summer.
    1. Sarah has moved to a new apartment.
    1. Jane went to George’s room.
    1. The injured man has to stay at the hospital for another two weeks.
    1. My parents want to set a business in the country.
    1. Last week at the party, Catherine asked me to go out with her.
    1. Jack will arrive to the shop tomorrow morning.
    1. The box goes from Spain to France.
    1. The tourists placed the tent at the top of the mountain.
  1. Larry is probably at the market waiting for his sister.