Solución del ejercicio sobre Pronombres Personales Objetivos II

Si has comprendido el uso correcto de los Pronombres Personales Objetivos seguramente no ha resultado una tarea difícil realizar este ejercicio. Sin embargo aquí te entregamos la solución para que verifiques tus respuestas:

  1. Jack often lends CDs to his friends, but they always lose them.
  2. If you had told us your problem earlier, we would have been able to help you.
  3. I saw Jim so I crossed the street to avoid meeting him.
  4. Jennifer asked me the answers, but I didn’t know them.
  5. I used to collet stamps, but I never wanted to sell them.
  6. She closed the door quietly, but the wind hit it.
  7. I was sleeping and my sister didn’t want to disturb me.
  8. Sam left the key on the table, but anybody has seen it.

  1. Kevin likes my yellow T-shirt very much so I will give it to him.
  2. George loves dogs but Mike hates them.
  3. Mr. White hasn’t lent me the book because he needs it.
  4. Albert broke the glasses and now he will have to pay them.
  5. I gave Peter a few lessons but he didn’t understand me.
  6. Michael won the race with a car specially built for him.
  7. I didn’t know you would be late so you should have telephoned me.
  8. The machine had broken down, but Mr. James has rebuilt it.