Solución del ejercicio sobre Pronombres Personales Objetivos III

En este ejercicio te proponíamos que continuaras aprendiendo sobre el correcto uso de los Pronombres Personales Objetivos. Si ya has reescrito las frases, verifica tus respuestas con la siguiente solución:

  1. I noticed them in the stadium near the gate.
  2. My brother sent him an e-mail.
  3. I need five weeks to finish it.
  4. People are not allowed to take them into the park.
  5. Robert did them at school.
  6. I have already read them.
  7. Ralph couldn’t help her.
  8. My mother usually goes to the cinema with her.

  1. I visited her when I was in Paris.
  2. I met them at New York Airport.
  3. She did a big favour to them.
  4. We are usually worried about her.
  5. I haven’t heard any news about him for ages.
  6. The teacher will punish them.
  7. Susan should have told her about it.
  8. Peggy is reading a comic to him.