Solución del ejercicio sobre Pronombres Reflexivos I

Si has podido realizar este ejercicio sobre Pronombres Reflexivos sin dificultad, seguramente querrás comprobar tus respuestas. Para ello te ofrecemos la forma correcta de completar las frases:

    1. Sally and Susan have found themselves the lost ring.
    1. Sam must to do the homework himself.
    1. The boss could rent the office himself.
    1. The old lady herself caught the thieves.
    1. Jennifer told me the good news herself.
  1. My little sister cleaned the kitchen herself.

    1. I saw an elephant washing itself in the Nilo River.
    1. I learnt the difficult exercises myself.
    1. Mary and Paul gave themselves a break.
    1. She can’t imagine painting the house by herself.
    1. We really enjoyed ourselves at the meeting.
  1. The teacher told me to control myself.