Exercises: Pronombres Reflexivos IV – (Reflexive Pronouns)

Hoy te ofrecemos un nuevo ejercicio sobre Pronombres Reflexivos. Completa las siguientes oraciones con la palabra correcta:

    1. The soldiers hid in a hole to protect .
    1. My mother prepared a delicious dinner .
    1. We uncovered the unexplainable mistery .
    1. John told me to solve the problem by .
    1. Mike painted the baby’s bedroom .
  1. The children found the lost wallet.

    1. The valuable chinese vase fell off the shelf by .
    1. My father generally cuts his hair .
    1. I can’t imagine being a hairdresser.
    1. Carol often ask why people doesn’t like her.
    1. The president wrote his speech .
  1. I was driving to the farm when the tyre burst .