Solución del ejercicio sobre Pronombres Reflexivos IV

Comprueba que hayas completado todas las oraciones con el correcto Pronombre Reflexivo observando la siguiente solución:

  1. The soldiers hid in a hole to protect themselves.
  2. My mother prepared a delicious dinner herself.
  3. We uncovered the unexplainable mistery ourselves.
  4. John told me to solve the problem by myself.
  5. Mike painted the baby’s bedroom himself.
  6. The children themselves found the lost wallet.

  1. The valuable chinese vase fell off the shelf by itself.
  2. My father generally cuts his hair himself.
  3. I can’t imagine myself being a hairdresser.
  4. Carol often ask herself why people doesn’t like her.
  5. The president wrote his speech himself.
  6. I was driving to the farm when the tyre burst itself.