Solución del ejercicio sobre Pronombres Reflexivos II

Observa las siguientes frases, son la manera correcta de completar el ejercicio sobre los Pronombres Reflexivos para que puedas verificar tus respuestas:

    1. Jason hurt himself with a sharp knife.
    1. My neighbour fixed the roof by himself.
    1. The letters are not going to be delivered by themselves.
    1. I have been thinking about myself.
    1. The policemen went to the restaurant to buy themselves some sandwiches.
  1. My dog is looking at itself in the mirror.

    1. I haven’t shaved myself for months.
    1. I built this cottage myself.
    1. The kids will not go to school by themselves.
    1. She chose herself a perfect job.
    1. The president himself helped the victims.
  1. Mike and Peter met themselves last night.