Exercises: Pronombres Reflexivos I – (Reflexive Pronouns)

Ya hemos explicado los principales conceptos acerca del uso de los Pronombres Reflexivos y para que puedas aplicar lo aprendido te ofrecemos el siguiente ejercicio. Aquí debes completar las frases con la palabra correcta:

  1. Sally and Susan have found the lost ring.
  2. Sam must to do the homework .
  3. The boss could rent the office .
  4. The old lady caught the thieves.
  5. Jennifer told me the good news .
  6. My little sister cleaned the kitchen .

  1. I saw an elephant washing in the Nilo River.
  2. I learnt the difficult exercises .
  3. Mary and Paul gave a break.
  4. She can’t imagine painting the house by .
  5. We really enjoyed at the meeting.
  6. The teacher told me to control .