Solución del ejercicio sobre Verbos Modales (Modals) II

¿Ya has realizado el siguiente ejercicio sobre verbos modales?… Pues bien, entonces verifica que hayas completado las oraciones con la palabra correcta:

    1. I can prepare dinner tomorrow night so bring some ice-cream.
    1. I must write two essays for tomorrow morning.
    1. She might understand the lesson if she pays attention.
    1. Susan should drive slower to avoid accidents.
    1. You may list your doubts in the paper.
    1. He might earn a lot of money this month.
    1. You should express yourself in English.
    1. I must travel to London next week.
    1. I think It must be easy to finda new job.
    1. Peter should wash and repair his old bike.
    1. If you touch the dog you must wash your hands.
    1. They may watch the tv series on-line.
    1. It wasn’t easy but I could pass the exam.
    1. It must be hard working so many hours.
  1. It may be possible to meet you at the restaurant.