Solución del ejercicio sobre Verbos Modales (Modals) III

Luego de haber realizado este ejercicio sobre verbos modales puedes observar la forma correcta de completar las oraciones que se encuentra a continuación:

    1. Andy must know how to make a barbecue.
    1. If she studies a lot she might improve her pronunciation.
    1. The football practice may be quite hard.
    1. James should clean his bedroom sometime.
    1. You must visit the new restaurant in town.
    1. The activities could be more interesting.
    1. Mike should buy the tickets before the concert.
    1. My mother can make a delicious food for Christmas.
    1. You must understand the rules before playing poker.
    1. Tom can play if he finishes the work.
    1. If she needs something she may call her home.
    1. My father should consider the idea of buying a new house.
    1. Sonia can knit beautiful and colourful sweaters.
    1. She can explain the exercises many times.
  1. Peter should read the book for the test.