Solución del ejercicio sobre Grados de los Adjetivos (3)

¿Has realizado el siguiente ejercicio sobre grados de los adjetivos correctamente?… Verifícalo con las siguientes respuestas:

    1. The Amazonas is the longest river of the world.
    1. Susan is thinner than Alice.
    1. That is the loveliest town I have ever visited.
    1. This movie was nicer than the one I saw yesterday.
    1. The holograms are the most modern technology I have ever heard about.
    1. My mother’s cakes are more delicious than the bakery’s pies.
    1. This dress is the the most expensive you have ever bought.
    1. The elephant is bigger than the crocodile.
    1. Yesterday I heard the worst concert of the year.
  1. The tortoise is slower than the rabbit.

    1. The cheetah is the fastest animal of the world.
    1. The play was more interesting than the film.
    1. Sarah is the best singer in the chorus.
    1. My brother is taller than my father.
    1. Michael Jackson is the most famous pop musician in the history.
    1. The book you lend me was more interesting than mine.
    1. This is the saddest day of my life.
    1. The bedroom is darker than the living-room.
    1. This is the easiest way to solve the problem.
  1. The windows are cleaner than yesterday.