Solución del ejercicio sobre Adjetivos

Si ya has completado estas oraciones con los adjetivos que se encuentran entre paréntesis, verifica tus respuestas con la siguiente solución:

  • On my birthday, I was given a cold German beer.

  • Susan bought an espectacular red Italian dress.

  • I used to have a tall old strict American teacher.

  • Peter has just met a tall young beautiful French girl.

  • Last night I watched an old black and
    white boring French film.

  • The house has a large white modern and comfortabledinning room.

  • I bought a red cheap plastic raincoat.

  • This is an old red leather riding pair of boots.

  • Sarah is wearing a long grey brown cotton
    and funny pair of socks.

  • I spent my holidays in a little warm
    and beautiful Belgian hotel.

  • I hate carrying this small
    white plastic shopping bags.

  • I took an old traditional red
    London bus.

  • Sam wants a large new coisy
    wooden house.

  • Michael needs two large new round
    wooden tables.

  • My sister has a little old blue German car.

  • In the office I have a slim new white
    incredible American computer.

  • Those are large green cotton French trousers.

  • John found a small new oval black mobile phone.

  • In the kitchen there are small old square comfortable Spanish chairs.

  • She taught us a new extensive boring lesson.