Solución del ejercicio sobre Futuro Continuo

Aquí tienes la forma correcta de colocar el verbo para que las siguientes oraciones queden expresadas en Futuro Continuo:

  • Jane will be studying the whole week for the final test.
a) studied
b) will study
c) will be studying
  • Mariane will be having dinner with their grandparents tonight.
a) was having
b) will be having
c) had
  • Next Friday I will be cutting the grass.
a) will be cutting
b) cut
c) have cut
  • Tomorrow Brian will be having his hair cut.
a) will have
b) had
c) will be having
  • Jeniffer will be moving to her new neighbourhood next Saturday.
a) is be moving
b) be moving
c) will be moving
  • The meeting will be taking place at the office.
a) was taking
b) will be taking
c) will take
  • Isabella will be achieving her ambition of being an engineer next week.
a) will be achieving
b) achieved
c) have achieved
  • At this time tomorrow I will be seeing the doctor.
a) was be seeing
b) were be seeing
c) will be seeing
  • In his next birthday Sam will be getting a new dog.
a) will be get
b) will get
c) will be getting
  • Scientits will be explaining the functions of the human body at the laboratory tonight.
a) are be explaining
b) will be explaining
c) will explain
  • Next year Tom will be starting a new career.
a) will be starting
b) will started
c) started
  • My father will be earning a lot of money next month.
a) will earn
b) will be earning
c) earned
  • The doctor will be attending a lot of patients next Monday.
a) will be atended
b) will be attending
c) will atend
  • My best friend will be staying at home for a few days.
a) will be staying
b) stayed
c) will be stayed
  • Only one guard will be protecting the president for the next days.
a) will protected
b) will be protecting
c) will be protected