Solución del ejercicio sobre Voz Pasiva Impersonal II

Para que puedas comprobar si has resuelto correctamente este ejercicio sobre voz pasiva impersonal te ofrecemos la siguiente solución:

  1. It is thought that he plays the piano beautifully.
  2. It was known that Mike was stealing goods from the market.
  3. It was informed that the woman died last night.
  4. It is presumed that the butler is the murderer.
  5. It is said that the party will be here.
  6. It is hoped that the Government supports businessmen’s decisions.
  7. It is affirmed that smoking cause several damages.
  8. It is thought that women are not as strong as men.

  1. It was believed that the Earth was the center of the Universe.
  2. It was feared that the thieves would return to the neighbourhood.
  3. It was thought that John was not a bad person.
  4. It is said that he is a respectable man.
  5. It is considered that animals are gods.
  6. It was thought that he was a good artist.
  7. It is considered that the statement is true.
  8. It is said that children are afraid of darkness.