Exercises: Voz Pasiva con dos Objetos III – (Passive Voice with two Objects)

Continuamos ofreciéndote ejercicios sobre oraciones pasivas con dos objetos para que afiances tus conocimientos. En este caso debes reescribir las siguientes oraciones en sus dos maneras posibles:

  1. Claire sewed Susan a beautiful wedding dress.
  2. My grandmother knitted Susan a marvelous pink sweater.
  3. Mark described Tom the European landscapes.
  4. The doctor told us my father’s diagnostic.
  5. The clown made me a disgusting joke.
  6. The receptionist gave the guest a bunch of flowers.
  7. John lent my friends the book of music.
  8. Some people gave the beggar a piece of bread.

  1. My son handed me the nails.
  2. Mike has asked his neighbour a big favour.
  3. The new student bought me my books.
  4. The manager arranged an appointment to the pop star.
  5. The waiter did not bring me the salt.
  6. Some workers forbade us to see the new building.
  7. Sophie did not deliver him the letters.
  8. The nurse took the patient a painkiller.