Solución del ejercicio sobre Pronombres Interrogativos I (Interrogative Pronouns)

¿Ya has realizado este ejercicio sobre el uso de los Pronombres Interrogativos?… Pues entonces verifica tus respuestas con la siguiente solución:

    1. Jennifer lent me her bike.
      Who lent me her bike?
      Whose bike it was?
    1. Tommy was wearing rubber boots.
      What was Tommy wearing?
      Who was wearing rubber boots?
    1. The boss gave me the secret documents.
      What did the boss give me?
      Which documents did the boss give me?
    1. The assistant will give an interesting demonstration.
      What will the assistant give?
      Who will give an interesting demonstration?
    1. My brother received a letter from Australia.
      Who received a letter from Australia?
      What did my brother receive?
  1. My father telephoned the police.
    Whom did my father telephone?
    Who telephoned the police?

    1. Anthony and Sally have decided to move to London.
      What have Anthony and Sally decided?
      Who have decided to move to London?
    1. The secretary offers John a new contract.
      What does the secretary offer John?
      Whom does the secretary offer a new contract?
    1. Fortune-tellers always tell the truth.
      What do fortune-tellers always tell?
      Who always tell the truth?
    1. Robert has lent his CDs collection to his friends.
      Who has lent his CDs collection?
      Whom has Robert lent his CDs collection?
    1. Sarah showed her husband her new hat.
      What did Sarah show her husband?
      Whom did Sarah show her new hat?
  1. Tom’s brother gave his son a good advice.
    Who gave his son a good advice?
    Whom did Tom’s brother give a good advice?