Solución del ejercicio sobre Pronombres Personales Objetivos IV

Si estabas esperando la solución de este ejercicio sobre Pronombres Personales Objetivos para verificar si has completado las frases correctamente, aquí las tienes:

  1. If you buy a helmet, you ought to wear it.
  2. When she explained the reasons, I agreed with her.
  3. Ted didn’t tell me the truth, but I forgave him.
  4. She loves surprises so everybody is organizing a birthday party for her.
  5. Carl borrowed me some money, but he hasn’t paid it back.
  6. David always invites me to dinner so I spent a lot of time with him.
  7. Rachel’s boyfriend recorded a movie for her.
  8. The police knows the thieves’ names, but they can’t find them.

  1. You shouldn’t drink too much beer. It is not good for you.
  2. When she turned off the light I couldn’t see her.
  3. He has never painted the walls so I suggested to paint them blue.
  4. I didn’t do my homework, but I will do it tomorrow.
  5. Sue sold her car last month, but now she realized that she needs it.
  6. The few people who saw the film, enjoyed it.
  7. I didn’t understand the lesson so one of my classmates is helping me.
  8. Margaret told me your address, but I forgot it.