Solución del ejercicio sobre Pronombres Personales Objetivos I

Verifica si has realizado correctamente el ejercicio sobre Object Pronouns observando la solución que te ofrecemos a continuación:

  1. Last night I met them at the cinema.
  2. My mother likes them very much.
  3. I went to the theatre but I couldn’t hear them.
  4. Ann said that she had known them in Australia.
  5. My boss always writes many letters to him.
  6. Yesterday, Anthony kissed her on the cheek.
  7. Brian gave her a beautiful dog.
  8. Tom, the mechanic, needs them right now.

  1. He can’t take it to the supermarket.
  2. Last week, we received a beautiful present from him.
  3. My cousins hit them in the park.
  4. Everybody knows him in Oxford Street.
  5. I haven’t seen him since 2008.
  6. Carl had already finished it before I arrived.
  7. The inspector questioned them.
  8. I asked him the way to the hospital.