Exercises: Pronombres Personales Objetivos I (Object Pronouns)

Para que puedas ejercitar sobre Object Pronouns, tema que hemos explicado recientemente, te proponemos que reescribas las siguientes oraciones reemplazando las frases en negrita por los Pronombres Personales Objetivos correspondientes:

  1. Last night I met Sally and Paul at the cinema.
  2. My mother likes my new red shoes very much.
  3. I went to the theatre but I couldn’t hear the actors.
  4. Ann said that she had known Peter and Tom in Australia.
  5. My boss always writes many letters to Mr. Johnson.
  6. Yesterday, Anthony kissed Susan on the cheek.
  7. Brian gave Sheyla a beautiful dog.
  8. Tom, the mechanic, needs the spare parts right now.

  1. He can’t take the little dog to the supermarket.
  2. Last week, we received a beautiful present from uncle Jack.
  3. My cousins hit the boys in the park.
  4. Everybody knows Mr. Scott in Oxford Street.
  5. I haven’t seen Peter since 2008.
  6. Carl had already finished his homework before I arrived.
  7. The inspector questioned the men.
  8. I asked the policeman the way to the hospital.