Solución del ejercicio sobre el uso de Little or Few (2)

Si ya has realizado este ejercicio sobre el uso de LITTLE y FEW verifica que lo hayas hecho de la manera correcta chequeando tus respuestas con la siguiente solución:

    1. We have eaten just a few carrots and tomatoes.
    1. Desert plants need little water to survive.
    1. There were few seats left in the stadium.
    1. I said a little pray for you at the church.
    1. The woman bought a few small articles.
    1. You will need little practice to pass the test.
    1. I need just a few classes to learn the lesson.
  1. You should take a little risk in your business.

    1. Nadal has little hope of winning this match.
    1. After a little time, she chose one of the most expensive dress in the shop.
    1. Sam’s friend gave him few presents for his birthday.
    1. There is only little wine in that bottle.
    1. After greeting the authorities, a few local people took the president to the new hospital.
    1. The man had drunk little whisky at the bar.
    1. I need a little time to think about the problem.
  1. Just a few workers went on strike.